The elements of modern architecture and construction consist of the precise definition of goals, advanced technologies and accurate cost calculations.

Just as a building has several perspectives, every architectural task contains a variety of different aspects that can be solved in different ways.

Our approach centres on a complete integration of all goals, expectations, wishes and necessities that are connected to the built solution. Therefore a large portion of our work lies in the precise identification and analysis of all those items that form an integral part of "General Planning“. In other words, we take on responsibility for the most crucial concerns when it comes to the construction of buildings: time, cost and quality.

In terms of aesthetics we also strive for the highest possible standards in contemporary architecture. Our design of buildings, including all of their details, represent a fresh approach, maximum value and an individual statement in the immediate architectural and urban context.

Building ecology and a high level of sustainablility are considered by TEK TO NIK Architects as indispensable conditions in contemporary architecture. For us they are the hallmarks of architectural design distinction.

Manfred Wenzel
Founder & CEO of TEK TO NIK Architects