A new volume has now been published in DETAIL-Verlag’s commendable atlas series, which is dedicated to the new topicality and versatility of high-quality building with natural stone. The authors are the award-winning brothers Ansgar and Benedikt Schulz, owners of an architecture firm in Leipzig and professors at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Dresden since 2018. The medium-sized volume (fold-out brochure) contains 22 built examples, but is above all a really useful compendium for architects and civil engineers who want to find out more about the topic in detail and competently. Jutta Albus, Alberto Campo Baeza, Matthias Hönig and Martin Zeumer have contributed expert articles. The focus of the « Atlas Naturstein » is on information on planning principles, processing techniques and finishing details. Section C, computer technologies, also discusses projects by TEK TO NIK architects (FortySeven & Co and Zeil 111). The « Atlas of Natural Stone » is useful not least because of the guiding details (Part E), as well as the detailed appendix, which also contains standards and guidelines for building with natural stone, a bibliography and a subject index. The book costs EUR 99 and is available in the publisher’s shop as well as in bookshops (ISBN 978-3-95553-454-7).