In each issue, the trade magazine Immobilienwirtschaft presents « decision-makers from the real estate industry » from a personal perspective by asking them about their favorite vacation destination and their reasons for choosing it. This time, it asked Manfred Wenzel, who confessed that he is less drawn to tropical beaches or secluded landscapes. His vacation favorites tend to be medium-sized cities. And he is particularly fond of Besancon, 130 kilometers from Mulhouse. According to Wenzel, he came across it on one of the « urban expeditions » he has been conducting for decades. « I want to understand how cities develop in a meaningful way. To do this, I like to look to the past. Cities used to grow more slowly. The logic of human needs was expressed more naturally in the streets and houses. » Here, all the squares are exemplary « as if from an urban planning catalog ». Manfred Wenzel is currently even planning an excursion with university students to Besancon to see the use of regional, light-colored natural stone and the staircase architecture.