For over 7 years TEK TO NIK has been providing architectural support for the planned new building on the site between Biebergasse 6-10 and Börsenplatz 7-11. Now the plans for a new office and commercial building have received planning permission.

The plan calls for demolishing the existing building above ground and rebuilding it as a three-part structure with 7 floors. The new building will fill the full area only on the first floor. The first floor and 1st floor will include spaces for stores and restaurants, as well as outdoor terraces on the inside of the building on the 1st floor.

Floors 2 to 7 are planned as flexibly separable office spaces. The 6th floor (Börsenplatz) and 7th floor (Biebergasse) have roof terraces. In addition, two intensively landscaped courtyards at the heart of the building underscore for employees the high quality of workplaces in the city center. They provide an oasis of calm with a high quality of stay for break-out sessions or breaks. The three underground floors contain the garage, storage rooms for the stores and rooms for the building services.

Externally, the complex presents itself as a valuable building brand that enhances Biebergasse as a whole through the haptic lattice aesthetic of the natural stone façade and its width. Crucial to this is the cubist, visually attractive natural stone façade with floor-to-ceiling glazing, which gives the building a great deal of visual autonomy. At the same time, the façade facing Biebergasse is divided into three variants in order to avoid the monotony of modular concepts despite the width and to promote the impression of urban diversity. The geometric form of the natural stone façade is complex in design and places the highest demands on the executing company Lupp in terms of manufacturing accuracy, material quality and mindful installation.

The site area is 2,890 sqm, which will be used for 15,380 sqm GFA above ground. Completion is currently scheduled for the third quarter of 2023. The client is Ganymed GmbH & Co. Dritte Grundstücksgesellschaft KG. The construction sum is in the mid double-digit million range.