Under the headline « Diversity instead of Red Light« , the Frankfurter Rundschau devotes an entire double-page spread to the transformative MAIN YARD project (issue February 21, 2024). TEK TO NIK developed the idea for this over 10 years ago under the programmatic name « Grüne Gasse ». The building shells are now making rapid progress.

Author Boris Schlepper therefore visited the construction site in the Allerheiligen district. He was accompanied by René Reif, Managing Director of the OrT Group from Munich. He also spoke to Markus Radermacher from the Planning & Housing department. The department emphasized that « the project represents a central building block in the development of the Allerheiligen district. »

The report in the Frankfurter Rundschau gives a pleasingly detailed account of the project  focusing on the important social component of the 300 million-euro project. From our initial planning to the start of construction, there was always a consensus that the new, quiet and leafy alley would become a place of genuine urban diversity and joie de vivre. (Click here for the project website …)