Now the Journal Frankfurt is also taking a look at the Major « MAIN YARD » project, which is still under construction until 2025 according to our vision of a « green alley » that has been under development for almost 15 years. The article does not focus on the urban planning revitalization of the neighbourhood, which has been neglected for decades. Instead, the city magazine deals with the well-known « housing problem in Frankfurt ».

The magazine is not the first to notice that the MAIN YARD was planned on the basis of the development plan from 2006 and therefore could not take into account the regulated subsidy quota that has been in force since 2020. In our view, it is a shame that the article does not develop a deeper understanding of either the forward-looking nature of the project or the issue of « housing problems ». It is true that the shortage of affordable housing in Frankfurt has worsened since 2005. However, we do not believe that the flats that are being built are the cause. The problems start primarily with the lack of land and even more so with the rapid rise in construction costs. As we know, these costs make even the lowest profitability expectations unattainable. As a result, a subsidy rate of 30 % can no longer be realised without correspondingly expensive state aid or building law relief.

The second best solution for a rapid revitalization of social housing in this situation is to build new flats in the city, almost regardless of the segment. This is because any increase in supply takes the pressure off excess demand. There is no danger of a « rich neighborhood » or a declining social mix in the Allerheiligen district anyway. Here, the social mix is increasing with the MAIN YARD. Our concept deliberately planned for a vibrant urban diversity of residents with a higher quality of life for everyone living in the district. The OrT Group has fully embraced this plan and is now implementing it with this exemplary project for Frankfurt and the new street « Am Städelshof ».