Bauwelt talks to Ralph Wagner, founder of the Frankfurt-based Pure Group, about good architecture, urban development and the complex decisions that project developers often have to make at a very early stage. A large part of the conversation revolves around the current example of the Allerheiligen district in Frankfurt, a concept that TEK TO NIK Architekten helped to develop for years: “From a project developer’s point of view, a story like this is incredible,” emphasizes Wagner. “I find the planning concept exciting … For Frankfurt’s urban planning, the Grüne Gasse project in the Allerheiligen district is another important building block in the city center concept. But in contrast to the ‘New Old Town’, the Allerheiligen district is to become a modern, lively district. … This concept also includes the modern, varied design of the façades and also the roofs, some of which will probably be green. For me, urban quality consists of a diverse mix of architecture, design, layout and individually created living and working spaces.”