In its Saturday edition of March 5, the Frankfurter Neue Presse devotes an entire page to the current “mega construction sites” in downtown Frankfurt.

On the one hand, the list is not complete (see skyline atlas), on the other hand, the Bienenkorbhaus at Konstablerwache is merely an elaborate modernization, while planning has not yet been completed for two other projects at Hauptwache and Opernplatz. The other six new buildings, however, give a good impression of the direction and dynamics of Frankfurt’s current urban development.

TEK TO NIK is represented with two construction sites: With the Main Yard at Allerheiligentor (“a whole new city quarter is being created at Allerheiligentor … a big step forward for the previously very rocked-out neighborhood”) and with the Taurus at Biebergasse. Our two projects show that the quality of life in the city ultimately depends on architecturally sophisticated, coherent and “people-friendly” planning and building below 15 stories.

With its other high-rise buildings up to over 200 meters high, Frankfurt am Main is demonstrating economic significance as usual. “Social architecture” such as the Grüne Gasse (Main Yard) demonstrate the other direction in which Frankfurt must grow – in the direction of quality of life, social diversity and sustainably designed, positive urban experiences.