Revitalizing outdated properties can save money, emissions and planning time. Above all, the sustainability benefits make smart conversion a guiding principle of current urban development and an interesting architectural challenge. For this reason, we supported the business and publishing company with our own examples of this topic in their new issue “Architecture of the region in the mirror – Rhine-Main 2024”.

The article presents two of our current revitalization projects, the already completed “Behördenzentrum Solmsstraße” project and the comprehensive update of the old high-rise post office building on Hafenstraße. The building, which was last used by Commerzbank and is almost 90 meters high, is in a prime location close to Frankfurt’s main railway station and is aiming for LEED Gold certification despite its age. It has been given the new name THE ADAM (Investor Aroundtown) and offers modern office architecture of new-build quality in terms of quality of use.

Jan Dreher from TEK TO NIK Architekten Realisierungsmanagement GmbH emphasizes how important absolutely professional planning and construction management is for such extensive conversion projects: “We have the experience and the processes to eliminate the typical potential for surprises associated with building in existing structures as far as possible before construction begins. This is evidenced by our track record for adherence to schedules and costs. And all our revitalizations have been successes for our clients. I ask myself, “Why wait?” when you can get a property that is as sought-after on the market as a new build with possibly significantly less capital investment than a new build?”